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Crawlspace Encapsulation – Benefits

Crawlspace encapsulations solve moisture problems under the home, prevent duct sweating, prevent mold, mildew, and also fungus growth, keep odors from entering home from the crawlspace, prevents humidity that would otherwise enter the home; making the home more comfortable and also more efficient.  The object is to get the crawlspace as air tight as possible. Using just a dehumidifier without encapsulation will not ensure this.  This causes the dehumidifier to run all the time trying to get the humidity under control but it continues to enter the unsealed crawlspace.  This is very inefficient and therefore is just a band aid to the real problem. 

Cottongim Services Crawlspace Encapsulation

At Cottongim Services we take lots of steps in getting the crawlspace sealed depending on the construction of each home. We use a heavy duty liner that is sealed to the foundation, foam any crack above the foundation wall, seal all outside ventilation vents, build air sealed custom access doors, use waterproof tape on all liner seams, add drain tile and sump pump systems as needed, install dehumidifier designed for size of the crawlspace, add water alarm in the crawlspace, and also put a humidity sensor in crawlspace for home owners to keep up with.

Some Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation Are:

  • Better air quality in the crawl space, which means better air quality in the living space
  • Greater energy efficiency. The Advanced Energy studies have found nearly 20% reduction in energy use in homes with a conditioned crawl space.
  • Fewer critter problems
  • Greater durability of floor, HVAC equipment, and other components in the crawl space
  • Greater comfort in the home because of reduced humidity and crawl space temperatures close to living space temperatures

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