Septic Tank Services

Septic Tank Services

What is a Septic Tank?  A septic tank is a tank that is underground that decomposes waste through bacterial action.  Sometimes your septic tank can experience problems if there is not enough bacteria.  At Cottongim Services in Tifton, GA, we know septic tanks.  We have professionals that can assist with proper maintenance techniques and septic tank services of any kind.  Give us a call at (229) 516-1025 and scheduled your appointment today.

Here are some things you need to do if you have a septic system:

  • Have your system inspected annually
  • Be sure to keep proper records of repairs or service calls
  • Check with your local health department to ensure that you are using the proper additives
  • Be sure you have obtained the proper permits for your septic system

Here are some things you should not do if you have a septic system:

  • Do not treat your septic system like a garbage can.  The following items should never go in a septic system:
    • Grease, Motor Oil, Medicines, Paint. Floss, Cigarettes, Towels, Feminine Products, Lawn Care Products, and much more

Some of the most common septic tank problems are backups and clogs, tree root problem, damage to the septic lines from digging too close, smell inside the home, etc.  No matter what your septic tank repair needs are, at Cottongim Services, we can help.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we value our community relationship with Tifton, GA and surrounding areas.  We provide quality service on every job to ensure your satisfaction.

This picture is a septic tank that we worked on.  They are not supposed to have solids compacted on top like this and this is what we see a lot of.  Most people don’t realize septic tanks need proper maintenance which includes pumping every 5 years. All the cleaners, antibiotics, and antibacterial soaps we use kill the good bacteria that keep septic systems healthy, preventing solids buildup. We have super bacteria and enzymes that you put in the tank each month that keeps them healthy. It’s cheaper to maintain your system than it is to replace it.

septic tank services | tifton, ga

If you are experiencing problems with your septic system. give the trusted team at Cottongim Services a call today, we can help.  We provide assistance for residential and commercial customers so no matter where your problem has occurred, we will be there to help.

Give us a call at (229) 516-1025.